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Sat Jan 15 00:09:42 EET 2005

Le Vendredi 14 Janvier 2005 20:23, Christian Hammond a écrit :
> If you have multiple clients broadcasting information on a person,
> account, service, or presence, you need a way to combine them. You
> also need a way to query for such information. The daemon solves all
> of that.

I'm sure the client library could do that as well.
KIMProxy already does it really simply. One can't say the KIMProxy code is 

> Sure, an application can broadcast to every other application 
> requesting the name of an account, but then it has to handle its own
> merging or deciding which to listen to. Why do that when it's already
> done for you?

What's the difference of having it in the client library or in a daemon. 
specially when there is not too much code.

> galago-daemon on this box only takes a few megabytes of RAM.  [...]

No matter how the daemon is small, fast and simple. I think the daemon is 
simply not required.

> Right now, Galago's becoming a bit more popular. Beagle is using it.
> There's gaim support. A number of developers have started hacking on
> Galago-enabled applications. Evolution will get support in time.

Like KIMProxy.

> [...] What's going to happen when people decide that's not enough? 

It of course should be extendable.

And that's a bad point for the daemon here. Because if some application take 
some advance, they still require the last version of the daemon to work with 
their extension.

> [...]
> I think a generic IM interface on D-BUS is good. 

We agree.

> Perhaps doing  something that doesn't try to replace an already well used
> API would  be more beneficial to both parties, though. I wouldn't mind
> helping  out on something like that.

Yes.  Anyway, i could say the same about KIMProxy/KIMIface
We, in KDE, have an already well used and even working API. 
(Ok, it uses DCop, and then QT)

What i mean is that even Galago is replacing existing things.
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