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Ikke eikke at eikke.com
Sat Jan 15 20:14:48 EET 2005

> HAL is a daemon and feature separate from dbus. "DAL" is just dbus, or
> maybe a convenience library that wraps well-known dbus services.
True. But org.freedesktop.Screensaver just sounds strange to me.

> > > I'm not sure what org.freedesktop.DAL.Screensaver.Event would do.
> > It'd be a signal sent out when a screensaver event happens, with one
> > additional parameter, a string being ScreensaverStarted or
> > ScreensaverStopped.
> Signals don't have names like this though.
I know. I meant: signal with name "Event" sent by
"org.freedesktop.DAL.Screensaver", with one argument.
> You don't want to stop the screensaver process in order to run a
> presentation, just disable the saver. Stopping the process isn't
> compatible with how xscreensaver works really. At least I don't think
> so.
I've been thinking about this a bit. One possibility is this: send a
message to "the screensaver" asking to get disabled. This has a big
disadvantage: if the app that requested this crashes, or "forgets" to
re-enable the screensaver, there's a problem. Same thing if 2 apps
request disabling, one shuts down and requests re-enabling. The 2nd app
which is still running could get into problems.
Solution for this: pinging. If an app requests disabling the
screensaver, it should resend this request e.g. every minute. This way
both problems are solved.

> This kind of demonstrates a crucial point: you shouldn't bother
> documenting any interface until you have at least one concrete app that
> implements it. Otherwise you're just writing down speculations.
I am implementing the screensaver thing now (got some earlier, ugly
patches ;)) but I dont have the time to code 5 hours a day or so.

> My memory is that when an attribute like this is compiled to CIL,
> methods get_A and set_A are generated on the bytecode level.
Could be. You still have to enable this functionality manually though.


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