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Marcin Krzyzanowski krzak at
Tue Jan 18 17:09:29 EET 2005

Użytkownik Olivier Goffart napisał:
> Le Vendredi 14 Janvier 2005 01:01, Marcin Krzyzanowski a écrit :
>>Użytkownik Kevin Krammer napisał:
>>>On Thursday 13 January 2005 17:02, Igor Popik wrote:
>>>>This only a proposal of interface standard. It is simple, but It is
>>>>working: we managed to to implement it in Gossip, Mozilla and GNOME and
>>>>our IM app GNU Gadu -
>>>>We are aware of Galago project. But in our opinion such integration
>>>>should be done in ligth-weight manner :-)
>>>You should also check out KDE's IM interface /IMProxy.
>>>As it also uses a communication bus (DCOP) it could be interesting for
>>Thanks, we'll take a look.
> As you probably noticed, KIMProxy use id from KAddressBook to identify 
> contact.
> The problem it's that it isn't desktop independent.
> I suggest we said in the spec that for each IM client, a contact is associated 
> with a unique id (per client)


> And one can get that id by a dbus call like
> getId( "jid:xxx at" )

You mean unique id but not URI ? For me It's no easy to imagine such.

I think URI could be the best.
btw. xmpp: for jabber.

Marcin Krzyżanowski

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