Proposal and RFC: DAL, the Desktop Abstraction Layer

Ikke eikke at
Tue Jan 18 23:28:30 EET 2005

> > I am used to events having the word "On" prefixed to them so as to 
> > distinguish them from methods so it would be nice if it where:
> > 
> > <Event name="OnNewTrackStarted">
> Not the D-BUS convention.
Dislike it myself too. It's so Java-ish
> I still think this is all pointless unless you're working with the
> author of a media player (or whatever app you are defining) so you have
> a concrete application in mind, when we introduced CORBA in GNOME there
> was a flurry of defining "theoretical" interfaces and it turned out to
> be really pointless.
This is just a proof of concept (I'm doing some code on this right now).
Once the POC is working (sort of) I can contact other project's dev's
(like XMMS2, which is using DBUS, Evo guys using dbus in 2.1,...) so we
can discuss some needs.
> Havoc


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