Common Desktop Interface Specification (aka CDIS), initial work

Ikke eikke at
Sat Jan 22 20:07:00 EET 2005


some time ago I came to this list with the DAL proposal. I'd like to
present you to the first (small) amount of work I've done for it.
First of all, the name changed to J5's proposal. Thanks for the hint :-)

Jamie McCracken suggested to use XML to describe common interfaces,
which is the thing I've been working on.
I created a small sample interface, called CdisMusicPlayer. This is
*just a sample*, not a proposal to be The Final Cdis MusicPlayer
I created an XML Schema (xsd file) for the document(s) too, and some
small XSLT file to display the interface in some "readable" way.
I am aware of the fact the XSL and XSD probably look horrible, I'm no
XML guru.

All files are available here [1].

What I'd like to do now is to create some sample musicplayer (which
doesnt play any music, actually, just gives some text output on whats
going on) implementing this interface. This should be done by using DBUS
(of course), and most preferably auto-generated code. I was thinking to
use GObjects for this task, by creating GOB files from the interface
specification (once more using XSLT). Of course the XML can (and should)
be translated to KObjects, plain C code and whatsoever too.

Question now is: does this format look reasonable? If it doesn't now is
the time to change it.
I'll also write some document describing how CDIS methods should be
called (Get/Set,...) so "real" interfaces (which should be created later
on, of course) fit together.

I did use a URL as namespace in the XML code, although I
am aware of the fact CDIS is not (yet?) an fdo standard/project. I just
thought that was the best thing to do. If you think it's inappropriate,
I'll change it.

Please review this, so I can slowly get on with the next step(s).

Thanks and regards,



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