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Mon Jan 24 12:11:17 EET 2005

Użytkownik Matt Rogers napisał:
> On Thursday 13 January 2005 05:37 pm, you wrote:
>>Użytkownik Matt Rogers napisał:
>>>On Thursday 13 January 2005 10:02 am, Igor Popik wrote:
>>> contactURI ):
>>>unless it's planned to get status information for yourself, the 'Hidden'
>>>value in the standard ofi presence strings is pretty pointless since the
>>>client you're getting the information from is not going to know if
>>>they're 'Hidden'
>>I know at least one protocol which return me information about hidden
> Which one is that? I don't know of any.

Gadu-Gadu is the one :) The point is to allow a lot of possibilities at 
one time, such data can be interpreter anyhow, important is to have this 

>>>We should only get one type of status string. While you can be online and
>>>away, it makes no sense to send both. All the statuses are pretty much
>>>mutually exclusive since Away applies that are one is also online.
>>The point is to allow freely mix statuses if needed. example : away with
>>description but marked as visible for friends only would looks like
>>This data can be received for any status from buddy list and for user
>>himself so then other apps can check you current status.
> IMHO, the above is too specific to a protocol (Gadu-Gadu in this case). That's 
> one of the inherent problems with these types of interfaces, they can't be 
> protocol specific, unless you define an interface per protocol.

with Jabber propably there could be send additional data about  presence 
subscription. I don't mean it protocol specific, currently I work with 
protocols whchic handle presence in completly different ways, but it 
seem possible to work with it giving just general unified data and 
manipulate it within protocols plugins.

>>Have to be set/worked out standard set of available key words to
>>describe possible flags.
>>>It's a nice lightweight interface, but i think there's room for things
>>>that can and should be added, such as photos/buddy icons and things of
>>>that nature, but it's a decent start.
>>right, We just had to check how our concept will be in your eyes, and
>>hope he should work with that more, or leave it.
> (btw, you don't need to CC me, i'm on the xdg list :) )

sorry I just pressed reply and it put you on CC :)

Marcin Krzyżanowski

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