Linux GUI Testing tool - release 0.1.0

Nagappan anagappan at
Fri Jan 28 13:15:24 EET 2005


L D T P - Linux Desktop Testing Project

Gnomebangalore announces release 0.1.0 of the Linux Desktop Testing
Project (LDTP).

LDTP is a keyword driven automation framework for Linux GUI testing.
This tool understands objects/context and not merely keystrokes, by
leveraging the accessibility framework (at-spi API). Along with this, we
have automated selected sanity test cases for some of the GNOME modules
from HEAD (2.9.x), which are included as 'autosuite'. More modules will
be added to autosuite daily (hopefully ;).

To download the binaries/sources/autosuite check the following URL.

Send your comments to ldtp mailing list:


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