Unified autostart scripts directory

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Fri Jul 1 20:46:19 EEST 2005

>From: Waldo Bastian <bastian at kde.org>
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>Subject: Re: Unified autostart scripts directory
>Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2005 19:23:44 +0200
>Yes, sounds like a good idea to me, shall I write a spec for it?

Please! :)

>I would also like to include in the spec:
>* autostarting applications on mounted media (see gnome-volume-manager)

Yes, that would be really nice!

>* dependencies between autostarting applications

Well, that could be coded in the scripts, but feel free to add it if you'd 

>And what about:
>* support for setting environment vars?

Already done in ~/.bashrc.. Am I missing something?

>* support for shutdown scripts?

That is really nice :) and usefull!

So the ~/.config/autostart/ could be instead ~/.config/actions/, for 
instance, and inside it you could get:

startup/          --startup scripts
shutdown/      --shutdown scripts
other/          --mounted media, other events, etc

of course, it would be more interesting if these dirs were chosen by the 
user, and there was a file in ~/.config/actions/ where the specific events 
were mapped to specific scripts/dirs and so..

This is getting interesting! :D


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