Root privileges in Desktop Entry Spec [SoC]

Manu Manu.Cornet at
Tue Jul 5 19:14:01 EEST 2005

Hello to all !

I'm a member of Google's new "Summer of Code" program, and working for 
Ubuntu/GNOME on a project named "Gnome Panel Enhancements".

I have just subscribed to this list, and I know that beginning to post 
right now goes against a few "Netiquette" rules, but since participants 
are given a limited time for their work (just this summer), I need to be 
moving quite quick... Hope I don't get it all wrong :)

So, as one of the first things, I would like to make the GNOME menus to 
hide all of the items that require root privileges to non-sudoers. 
According to this thread :

it has already been discussed on this list. I will be concentrating on 
the root privileges (rather than a more general "other-user" privilege).

I believe that adding a


to the Desktop Entry Specs would do the job ? (Then, I should make the 
items with a "RootRequired=yes" field to be hidden for non-sudoers).

Do I get it right ? Is there something I am missing ? Any extra 
information is very welcome :)

Thanks a lot for the advice !
Manu Cornet

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