Root privileges in Desktop Entry Spec [SoC]

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at Sun.COM
Wed Jul 6 15:24:03 EEST 2005

Mike Hearn wrote:

> That's probably a good idea. I don't think anybody has enough experience 
> with MAC on desktops to be worrying about SELinux integration just yet 
> (despite what i've said in the past ;)
>> I believe that adding a
>>     RootRequired=yes|no|optional
>> to the Desktop Entry Specs would do the job ? (Then, I should make the 
>> items with a "RootRequired=yes" field to be hidden for non-sudoers).

	Well, I used to live under MAC in two previous lives,
	and it's way easier to understand than ACLs (;-))

	To avoid reinventing this wheel later, how about
		AccessRequired = root|specific-capability[,specific-capability]
	where "root" and the specific capabilities make up a controlled
	vocabulary, so lookup is trivial on systems with capabilities
	and very trivial if you just want to check for root.

	The solution to the general sudo problem (which is arbitrarily
	hard!) can be simulated by
	1) putting the sudo prefix in the command in the desktop file
	2) creating and registering a specific-capability that represents
	   the permissions gained by sudo-ing, in library which
	   implements querying for capabilities, and 
	3) putting AccessRequired = specific-capability in the file.

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