Creating Tray application in Linux as we have in windows

Rodney Dawes dobey at
Sun Jul 10 05:42:03 EEST 2005

Firstly, please do not spam the list with the same question over and

KDE and Gnome both have a similar applet for their panels, that support
the System Tray Specification that is on the site. I
believe XFCE also supports the spec. If you want to implement the spec
for some other desktop environment, just read the spec and go for it.
It's fairly simple, assuming the toolkit you're using already does the
XEmbed stuff. If you're wanting win32 applications to use the system
tray in Gnome/KDE/whatever, then you should get ahold of the Wine people
and work with them to abstract the win32 system tray api to do the
proper stuff to make it embed.

-- dobey

On Sat, 2005-07-09 at 11:29 +0530, pihu wrote: 
>  Hi ,
> I want to create a Tray application in Linux(In panel) as we have in Windows .
> How can it be done????
> Any Clues.....
> Regards,
> Pihu

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