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Sat Jul 16 19:37:27 EEST 2005

>From: Fabian Zeindl <fabian.zeindl at>
>To: Matt Rogers <mattr at>
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>Subject: Re: IM Protocols
>Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2005 16:38:50 +0200
>Matt Rogers schrieb:
> > you're probably right but there are a lot of issues here, although it is 
> > nice idea. i suppose they're all really political issues (like what 
> > to write it in, etc.)
>Hm... I don't have any experience in this.
> >>>It would be good but some of the Corps like to "inovate" third party
> >>>clients out of their network. (kopete and gaim both have this issue)
> > I have no clue what is meant by "some of the Corps like 'inovate' third 
> > clients out of their network". please clarify.
>I think he means that "official clients" like ICQ/MSN etc. change their
>protocol from time to time to block unofficial clients. Or they
>implement new features which aren't available in alternative clients.
> >>>On 7/8/05, Fabian Zeindl <fabian.zeindl at> wrote:
> > poppler for PDF came out of xpdf and the fact that the author wasn't 
> > to merge certain patches that people sent him, so it was basically 
> > (from my understanding). So you're saying that we should fork all the IM
> > clients into one? ;)
>  in 15 different clients.No, but basically the part of the IM-Clients
>which does the Jabber/Oscar/whatever-protocol should be the same in
>every client. So when e.g. the ICQ/Oscar Protocol changes just the
>"unified" Oscar-Implementation has to be adapted, not 15 different
>The second advantage is that people who want to start new IM-Clients
>could start coding using a working "IM-Implementation" with a documented
>API and don't have to read and pull out code of (complex) existing 
>Just a thought...

Oh now I understand what you meant! I really like the idea, in fact I 
thought of something like that some time ago for cd burning.

But it would be very hard to convince the well established clients (like 
gaim, kopete or amsn) to basically revolve their guts to use the new libs. 
Even though, it would make things a lot easyer for new clients, so these new 
projects should want to support and maintain the lib. Others will eventually 
also follow..

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