Qt/GTK Skinning

Jakub Stachowski qbast at go2.pl
Mon Jul 25 20:30:55 EEST 2005

Dnia poniedziałek, 25 lipca 2005 16:52, Philip Van Hoof napisał:
> On Mon, 2005-07-25 at 16:05 +0200, Jakub Stachowski wrote:
> > Go to #kde-devel and tell devs to use glib and bonobo. Then go to
> > #gnome-hackers and start advocating C++ and kio. You may learn several
> > reasons this way.
> I'd go tell them about glib and dbus. Since glib is heavily used by
> GStreamer and GStreamer is going to become a core component on nearly
> all KDE4 deployments, right?

Hold yer horses. This is more like slashdot rumours and your wishful thinking. 
See http://wiki.kde.org/tiki-index.php?page=KDE%204%20Goals - D-BUS is only 
one of messaging system being evaluated along with DCOP (this is what i would 
like btw) and DCE. GStreamer is not even mentioned. In fact there will be one 
multimedia backend based on gstreamer but it is hardly making gstreamer 'core 
component' - it will be as 'core' as NMM and MAS. 
So no, there is no need for glib dependency.

> I don't foresee a lot problems telling the gnome hackers about C++
> (gtkmm). And in stead of KIO I'd tell them about DVFS.

... that is pure vapourware and generated huge flamewar on xdg-devel last time 
someone mentioned it.

> > And again you assume that it is all about politics and infighting. So
> > here is alternative point of view: this is all about doing what you
> > like doing using methods that _you_ see best. And yes, it can be gtk
> > +/glib/c for ones and qt/c++ for others.
> I never said it can't be. I said it shouldn't matter for our users.

And what that users are going to do about it, wave their magic wands (and 
don't tell me about losing to proprietary desktops or something like that 
because I simply don't see it as war) ? If you don't convince developers your 
idea is as good as dead.

> Try reading what I write, not your fantasy.

Your "freesoftware warriors" really sound like something from fantasy.

> > You are wrong about something else - you assume that every developer
> > out there has the same goal as you - some kind of war and seeking
> > world dominance. Can you believe that some of us is much more
> > interested in engineering and technological side than in war against
> > evil?
> No. That's just "you" trying to tell people my goal is about "some kind
> of war and seeking world dominance". I fail to see how that could
> possibly be the truth or reality. I fail to see where I said that.
> But I'm sure "you" know better than "me" what "my" goal is, right?
> btw. Trying to change my words isn't going to change the facts.

Quotes: "What are we trying to achieve with that?!! World domination on the 
desktop? Trying to do it that way is hilarious."
"We, as freesoftware warriors, shouldn't try to make it difficult for the user 
to start using that other application."

Nothing about world dominance and war? If I misunderstood that then I wonder 
what were you trying to say.

> And yes, I'm good enough to understand and know that all the components
> I mentioned before are technologically and ideologically wise perfectly
> shareable by both KDE and GNOME.

Sorry, I'm suspicious bastard and I believe this kind of claims when I see 
code. For now I have seen a wiki page and a flamewar.

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