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Tue Jun 21 13:43:19 EEST 2005

Le mardi 21 juin 2005 à 08:50 +0200, Alexander Larsson a écrit :
> > Should we modify gnome-vfs to have an application that advertises the
> > proper mime-type rather than one of its parent as the default? (ie. if
> > Abiword explicitely mentioned text/rtf, it would be the default, rather
> > than GEdit that only supports the parent)
> We definitely should prefer the handler for the more specific mimetype
> when picking the default application.

Indeed. In Debian, we worked around this by shipping a defaults.list
with different defaults for RTF and text files. However, when the
selected default application isn't installed, the system falls back to a
random choice, including applications inherited from parent types.

> > Or should we remove from shared-mime-info the subclassing for those
> > types that it doesn't make sense to edit as a file? (which would bring
> > it inline with a number of other formats that are plain text, but make
> > no sense to edit in a text editor, like playlist formats)
> I agree, although I'm sure there will be some difference in opinions on
> exactly which ones make sense to edit in a text editor. :)

Well, editing a RTF file in gedit doesn't make much sense.
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