A common VFS and a Common conf-system [Part II]

Jamie McCracken jamiemcc at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Mar 3 02:09:17 EET 2005

Waldo Bastian wrote:
> On Wednesday 02 March 2005 23:52, Sean Middleditch wrote:
>>Why would the daemon even need to be threaded at all?  What advantages
>>in *concrete* terms do you hope to solve with a threaded daemon that
>>couldn't be done just a well with a single-threaded daemon?
> [Snip]
>>The daemon is not going to be doing any kind of heavy processing.  It's
>>just a way to marshal calls to backends through a single process to
>>facilitate connection sharing, easing the implementation of change
>>polling and similar features, and provide the opportunity to control
>>data flow and authentication requests in an
>>SELinux/TrustedBSD/TrustedSolaris-friendly way.
> I think there is some misunderstanding here about the separation between 
> daemon and the backends. The question isn't so much about the daemon itself, 
> as well as how the backends run. Do the backends run in a process of 
> themselve, as separate thread in the daemon process or do they time-share the 
> main single thread of the daemon?

Well considering some of the backends would probably be synchronous in 
nature (EG anything taht involves a lot of polling) then they would have 
to be threaded with the deamon being async in that case - is that right?


> Cheers,
> Waldo
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