Post or during the Common VFS (D-VFS) ages .. will there be a D-Conf? :-)

Philip Van Hoof spamfrommailing at
Thu Mar 3 16:48:51 EET 2005


So now that we are finally agreeing on a Common VFS system (well, not
yet entirely but my feeling about it is that the current discussions are
going in a good direction),

Who will be the chess-players for building a Common Configuration
registry? Similar to D-VFS it could be called D-Conf :-)?!

I'm very unaware about which configuration-layers and systems that are
being used by KDE applications. I don't know much about their
design-flaws and benefits. Therefor it perhaps wouldn't be wise if I was
the only person to draw a design for it.

I have worked a lot with GConf so I know it's strengths and weaknesses.

I've also read that GConf is planning some changes that will improve
"cross desktop"-compatibility

Should we, in parallel with D-VFS, start discussing and developing a
common configuration system? Or is that like trying to do to much in a
to small timeframe with to few people?

My personal opinion is that we should go for it, now that we are finally
getting somewhere with this "cross desktop"-concept!

My personal opinion is also that a "cross desktop"-configuration layer
is at least as important as a "cross desktop"-vfs layer. It might even
open more doors and this is even more visible for the end-users: The
simple fact that both KDE and GNOME applications will take into account
the common desktop preferences which they can both set and evaluate.

Short: I can't wait for this to happen.

		... so lets make it happen

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