Category changes and idea

Josef Spillner spillner at
Thu Mar 3 20:22:36 EET 2005

(Resending... the other post seems to be stuck in the queue)


I propose two changes in the registered categories:

this should become ChatClient, as to not having to invent such a category for 
each non-IM chat protocol, like Jabber or others

similar to TextEditor, however related to the Game category
Description: Game content creation

Another idea I had was to add multiple categories but not let the application 
show up in each of them.
For instance,
would place the application under X-WorldDomination if available, and under 
TerminalEmulator if not, and under Motif in every case.
I'm not sure this makes sense but it seems useful, because it allows to 
specify more categories without cluttering the menus.


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