D-Conf (was: Post or during the Common VFS (D-VFS) ages ..)

P. Kaluza p.kaluza at tu-bs.de
Fri Mar 4 05:42:53 EET 2005

[D-Bus list CC'ed]
Hi Philip, hi all,

Philip Van Hoof wrote:

>Who will be the chess-players for building a Common Configuration
>registry? Similar to D-VFS it could be called D-Conf :-)?!
This topic has been nagging me for quite some time now, more from the POV of
(which you probably were also aware of, judging from your mail). In 
december i got pretty fed up with it and started fleshing out some 
interface ideas, but RL cought up with me again before i had anything 
good enough to post (however i'll look where i put that stuff).

I researched in the list archives and on different project-pages, and 
one thing i perceived as (historically) problematic is that there are 
really too many projects aiming at becoming "the one true FLOSS 
configuration system". As I'm not really eager to tread on anyone's 
toes, before getting started on the technical details, let's get the 
politics out of the way and have a little informal survey:
  "Who is still aiming at becoming XDG's recommended config system ?"

- Avery, what is the status of UniConf ? what is your current main focus ?
- Havoc, have your nice "GConf NG" ideas ever been cast into code by the 
gconf team ?
- What about the Elektra team ?

Please note that i am NOT interested in any "and you can stack system X 
ontop of Y"-type arguments - these will help in evaluating neither X nor Y.

After getting this overview about the different visions and project 
states together, we can then (if necessary) discuss once more everyone's 
pet flame topics, like
- license choices
- language choices
- strengths and weaknesses of existing architectures
- and how to convince more KDE developers that a daemon is cool here 
(sorry Waldo, CNR :-))
But let's keep in mind to go forward, not turn in circles.

>Therefor it perhaps wouldn't be wise if I was
>the only person to draw a design for it.
So Philip, to answer your implicit question, i'd be glad to work with 
you on this. :-)

Hoping for some feedback,

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