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On Fri, 2005-03-04 at 11:29 +0100, nf2 wrote:

> What do you think of implementing D-Conf as a DVFS backend. It seems 
> that configuration systems and VFS libraries have a lot in common:

A possibility would be to create both subsystems first, and then make
them aware of each other. I wouldn't integrate them to much either. Else
if one of both doesn't get overall acceptance by the current UNIX
(free)desktop programmers, it would affect the overall acceptance of the
other system.

Making them aware would be done by simply creating a DVFS-backend to use
D-Conf as a filesystem. Once created this would make it possible to
browse and alter your configuration-data using for example Nautilus or
Konqueror. Which would remove the need for a gconf-editor equivalent.

Just as you could create a DVFS-backend to use an SQL DMBS as a

Not that this is always a good idea. Not that it should be build. But
this is a possible path to take.

And thats how I personally would do it.

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