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P. Kaluza wrote:
>  "Who is still aiming at becoming XDG's recommended config system ?"

> Specifically:
> - Avery, what is the status of UniConf ? what is your current main focus ?
> - Havoc, have your nice "GConf NG" ideas ever been cast into code by the 
> gconf team ?
> - What about the Elektra team ?

Apparently config4gnu has wandered off into a different direction!?

There also is the OpenOffice.org configuration system. Note that we are 
not in any way "aiming at becoming XDG's recommended config system". In 
fact we lack several features that are necessary for that purpose and 
don't plan on adding them. Parts of our implementation are definitely 
too heavyweight and too OOo-specific. OTOH we have some features and 
concepts that other systems lack. We have a schema system which enforces 
schema compliance. We have a powerful cascading/layering system. And we 
have a rather flexible namespace.

Actually we sucessfully reused some of those concepts (and the file 
formats) for a system to manage the GNOME desktop and several 
applications. That system is currently proprietary, but it shows that 
using these features in a larger scope is possible.

> Please note that i am NOT interested in any "and you can stack system X 
> ontop of Y"-type arguments - these will help in evaluating neither X nor Y.

I think that none of the contending systems have all the required 
features. Maybe it will be necessary to stack pieces of the different 
contenders on top of each other to get the full system.

Ciao, Joerg

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