dvfs locking

Ed Mack lists at edmack.com
Sat Mar 5 13:32:22 EET 2005

> For versioning I more meant the actual multiple-versions-of-a-document
> style operation that some protocols (such as DAV - the 'V' is for
> Versioning) are made to support.  Certain siblings/ancestors of UNIX
> also natively supported versioning, if I recall.  Basically think of a
> file system that works like CVS/Subversion - every write is an atomic
> operation that creates a whole new copy of the document, but does not
> destroy the old copy.  You can review old revisions or rollback the
> document.

As hard-drive capacities continue to explode, a versioned desktop
filesystem is very much a desirable feature for users - that's why
applications like Word have their own self-rolled versioning systems,
just as many apps have had to roll their own meta-data databases.

So, don't rule it out as a server only feature - it could make D-VFS
'forward looking' :)

Ed Mack 

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