Working together: microstandard sugestion

Lars Hallberg spam at
Sun Mar 6 17:01:47 EET 2005

Philip Van Hoof wrote:

>If Interface Guidelines are the main difference. Why not create an
>option that sets your desktop environment in Apple or in Windows or in
>whatever style? Why does it need to be GNOME and GNOME applications. Or
>KDE and KDE applications?
It's allot of work to suport different higs, but some apps like abiword 
do it. could help, by providing a standard desktop 
preferens - xdg_hig, so apps that want to do this don't have to figure 
out howe to detect what enverionment they run under.

It need not be human changable, gnome can set it to gnome when a gnome 
session starts, kde to kde etc. Possably settings (optionaly with versions):

* kde
* gnome
* rox (drag'n drop save everywhere - Wow)
* GnuStep?

Hopfully, the core kde and gnome/gtk developers can add minimal suport, 
so we get smal things like button order in dialogs right (and D'nD save 
in rox). That togheter with D-VFS, D-CONF and icon themes shuld help 
allot. Then high profile apps starting to more fully suport different 
higs is a extra bonus that might follow when the basics is right!

Some people have argued that this is a bad thing, as it shuld be 
confusing that the same app behave different depending on environment. 
But people rarly use the same app in different environment, and even 
when they do, if those environ is consistent it will make sens.

What almost everybody do is run different applikation in the same 
desktop enverionment. Making that work well must be the important goal!

So i sugest a xdg seting: xdg-hig

And some place wher projekt can regester ther hig, whith a standard key 
and a reference to ther hig.


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