trying to understand XDG - a plea for help

Waldo Bastian bastian at
Mon Mar 7 23:15:48 EET 2005

The menu spec does not cover file type associations, I suggest you file a 
bugreport with your distribution. There is no reason why this shouldn't work.


On Monday 07 March 2005 21:49, Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:
> Hello,
> As recently my primary distro began to switch to XDG-style menu, and
> generally extension management (like *.pdf, *.avi, *.mp3), I noticed I
> can't do things I could do easily in the past.
> Namely: I can use *only* the extensions provided by the distribution,
> and to programs provided by the distribution.
> And therefore:
> Why can't I make my own *.tomek extension and attach
> it to /usr/local/bin/tomek program (written by me)?
> Why can't I write my own *.mp3 player and set it to mp3 files by default?
> If a user downloads Adobe Acrobat Reader, why he/she can't then
> associate it with pdf extension?
> If a user downloads Real Player, why he/she can't associate it with Real
> Player files?
> So if anyone could tell me, if it's the distribution which broke this
> XDG concept, or maybe it's the XDG concept to disallow a typical Joe
> user to attach file extensions to his own programs, it would make my day.
> Tomek
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