Stop the auto-run maniacy!

Lars Hallberg spam at
Tue Mar 8 01:39:21 EET 2005

Just found out gnome volume manager have a option to enable an auto-run 
'feature' :-(

This is crasy, I don't have cyborg ability enuf to audit a disc or other 
media before I insert it. This is a severe security bug! Do KDE have it too?

I sugest a auto-open standard insted.

A plain file listing files that shuld open (path relative the root of 
the media).

Then the desktop environment can determen if it is a safe type with a 
safe viewer before opening it.

If it open a html page that give the disc producer a possablility to 
track wher the disc travel. I can live with that, but not with the 
ability to run arbritary code!


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