Preparing GConf for the next generation (D-Conf related)

Dave Cridland dave at
Tue Mar 8 18:36:50 EET 2005

On Tue Mar  8 13:28:33 2005, Alexander Larsson wrote:
> Of course, this is all much more boring than just hacking up something
> that you think is cool. I mean, the requirements could end up being
> something you dislike or disagree with! The truth is that standards work
> is boring tedious work.

While I largely agree with your email, one caveat:

The requirements may also become impossible, or extremely difficult, to actually put into code - it's happened before with standards - indeed standards relating to configuration access protocols.

Disliking or disagreeing with something because you've tried to code it and failed (or found it painful) is very useful information indeed.


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