menu spec: [menu-file-basename]-merged directory

Waldo Bastian bastian at
Fri Mar 18 00:16:18 EET 2005

On Thursday 17 March 2005 17:23, Matt Kynaston wrote:
> Thanks.Waldo
> > It allows third parties to install extensions to the menu.
> You mean like a submenu? Gotcha. Don't know how I missed that :|
> Doesn't solve my initial problem, though... Apologies if what follows is
> long.
> As a workaround, I've tried to create a
> ~/.config/menus/ that contains just:
>       <!DOCTYPE Menu PUBLIC "-//freedesktop//DTD Menu 1.0//EN"
>         "">
>        <Menu>
>          <Name>Applications</Name>
>          <MergeFile>/etc/xdg/menus/</MergeFile>
>          <MergeFile></MergeFile>
>        </Menu>
> Interestingly, both gnome-menus and pyxdg's (and I suspect KDE's)
> implementation here is broken - according to the specs: "If the
> filename given as a <MergeFile> is not an absolute path, it should be
> located relative to the location of the menu file being parsed." Yet
> neither work properly unless is in my
> applications-merged dir - which means also means it gets merged twice

Seems to work fine in KDE. I have added regression test p for this. Can you 
check if that really doesn't work?

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