Possible mime-actions implementation?

George Kranis geokran at ath.forthnet.gr
Sat Mar 19 20:22:58 EET 2005

just an idea while i was trying to figure a mime-actions system for my 
file manager:

in mime-database:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
            <action priority="1">gedit.desktop</action>
            <action priority="2">gvim.desktop</action>
            <action priority="3">mozillafirefox-bin.desktop</action>
             <action priority="1">konqueror.desktop</action>
             <action priority="1">epiphany.desktop</action>

in gedit.desktop

OpenCommand=gedit %s
EditCommand=gedit --fooflag %s
OpenComment=Open with gedit
OpenComment[de]=SS gedit

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