Associating mime types with icons - broken?

Mike Hearn mike at
Mon Mar 21 21:18:41 EET 2005


I've spent the last few hours trying to figure out how you can add an icon
for a MIME type for some 3rd party software. Unfortunately there are a few

- Firstly the icon theme spec is extremely vague about this, it doesn't
  mention mime types explicitly anywhere, nor does it mention how
  a mimetype like application/x-foo is translated to an icon theme name

- Secondly GNOME apparently refuses to use any icon that doesn't start
  with gnome-mime- so that is what I have to call my icon. I haven't
  tested this in KDE. 

- Thirdly adding a new icon seems to require doing a "killall nautilus"
  to have it detected. I tried touching /usr/share/icons which is what I
  guessed the spec meant by "top level directory" but no cigar.

Can anybody help me? The spec certainly needs clarifying on the matter,
but before I can write a patch I need to know what the intended behaviour

thanks -mike

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