Requirements and pre-analysis for a cross desktop configuration infrastructure

Lars Hallberg spam at
Mon Mar 21 23:42:32 EET 2005

Philip Van Hoof wrote:

>But "dconf-dump" and "dconf-import" wont be the only way to do this. My
>(our) plans are to create an API in  libdconf. The tools "dconf-dump"
>and "dconf-import" will just use this API just like any application
>could. Including your integration-plugin for CVS and/or SVN.
If D-CONF get the cascading feuturs right, this API can be used easy to 
add featurs like network transperancy also, ie, that need not be part of 
'core' D-CONF.

Some system that synk som local config with the network, then D-CONF tak 
care of notifying local applications (or whoever lissen).

Likevice, it's easy to add feature to synk 'legasy' config files for 
system aplikations.

Keep it simple, but good!


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