Requirements and pre-analysis for a cross desktop configuration infrastructure

Perry Lorier perry at
Tue Mar 22 00:31:39 EET 2005

> Like
> - Who wrote the value of this key? (which application)
> - When was it's value last altered? (date/time)
> - Is this the value of this key writable? (boolean)
> - Who has been interested in this key? (application list)
> - Whats the purpose of this configuration (description)?

I'd like to suggest also the ability to store arbitary "comments" for 
users.  I really miss being able to say "Changed this to 6 (from 3) to 
make the foo feature work." or perhaps "The Foo installer changed this 
value to "narf" during install").  Looking through /etc on a large 
machine that's been installed for a while you see lots of comments made 
by programs, or humans explaining why various bits of a config have been 
changed.  I miss being able to set and read these on software managed 
config systems.

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