Requirements and pre-analysis for a cross desktop configuration infrastructure

Lars Hallberg spam at
Tue Mar 22 03:39:11 EET 2005

Philip Van Hoof wrote:

>On Mon, 2005-03-21 at 22:42 +0100, Lars Hallberg wrote:
>>If D-CONF get the cascading feuturs right, this API can be used easy to 
>>add featurs like network transperancy also, ie, that need not be part of 
>>'core' D-CONF.
>I've posted a .dia file which you can find here that gives an overview
>of the current architectural idea (you'll need to rename if using the
Was thinking more like:

+----------+        +--------+      +----------+
|  D-Bus   |--------| D-Bus  |------|  D-Bus   |
+----------+        +--------+      +----------+
| Libdconf |        | D-CONF |      | Libdconf |
+----------+        +--------+      +----------+
| Net Conf |        | Local  |      | Desktop  |
|  Demon   |        | Config |      |   App    |
+----------+        | Store  |      +----------+
     |              +--------+
Any protocol
Any centrall/
config system

IE, to D-CONF, the network conmfig system is just another config 
reading/setting app.

That Net Conf Deamon need only read and sett config akording to polycy 
etc. D-CONF vill notyfy any app that get ther config changed just like 
it will in any other case.

In case the net conection is lost, all config is cached in D-CONF!

The design of D-CONF and the network config system is independent, and 
it is possable to intergrate with existing solutions.

D-CONF only have to have the featurs to handle the config localy. IE, 
You need to be able to create a 'deparment default' set of setting the 
Net Conf Demon can keep synked, an probably You need to be able to make 
those setings unoverridable if desiered.

The net config system can copy personal settings between machines to, or 
do just about anything sane or insane :-)

And the net config system need not be a deamon, it might be a cronjob or 

If only the neede local featurs and API is right, ther's no end to what 
can be done!


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