Requirements and pre-analysis for a cross desktop configuration infrastructure

Stuart Children stuart at
Tue Mar 22 13:08:06 EET 2005

Philip Van Hoof wrote:
> On Mon, 2005-03-21 at 11:06 -0500, Avery Pennarun wrote:
>>On Mon, Mar 21, 2005 at 04:31:11PM +0100, Philip Van Hoof wrote:
>>>The backup-format shouldn't only be XML. XML isn't a  very  good  format
>>>for  source-control.  An  example  backup-format  that  is  suitable for
>>>source-control are ini-files or  ini-file  style  backups. Since  binary
>>>data isn't going to be supported, it's doable to use that.
>>Again, ini-style files aren't the best choice if you really want this. 
> Yes well, an example backup-format could also be something totally
> different and very suitable for source control systems. I don't think
> one-line per record formats are always a good idea. Simply because a lot
> configuration values will have newlines. 

It seems to me that YAML ( would be an ideal 
candidate here.


Stuart Children

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