Menu Spec: including files & absolute paths

Waldo Bastian bastian at
Tue Mar 22 22:37:11 EET 2005

On Tuesday 22 March 2005 12:21, you wrote:
> 	So, I suggest
> "
> Menu files must be well-formed XML files and end in the extension
> ".menu". They should also conform to the menu file DTD which implies
> that implementation-specific extensions to the file format are not
> allowed. Implementations may stop processing if they encounter a menu
> file which does not comply with the associated DTD.
> "
> 	i.e. if an implementation validates against the DTD specified in the
> menu file, then they're within their rights to barf if the file doesn't
> validate.

This then means that an implementation must make sure to upgrade the DTD 
specified if it encounters an older DTD and adds elements that are only in 
the new DTD. That might also be worth mentioning then.

> > I also note that it says "System Identifier for 0.8" while the spec is at
> > revision 0.9 and soon 1.0, I guess we should update that to match the
> > actual version?
> 	Yep, maybe make the version number an entity at the top of the file so
> it only needs to be changed once in future.


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