Menu Spec: including files & absolute paths

Matt Kynaston mattkyn at
Thu Mar 24 12:50:44 EET 2005


When an implementation updates an existing menu file it may need to
update the identifier to a newer version of the DTD.

This makes sense, and I think the wording is fine. But I'm wondering
how a menu editor should actually handle upgrading. Let me try and

Right now I'm always preserving the DTD of the original, since it
seems the best indicator of what the system itself supports.  I
extract the version from the doctype's systemId so I can use it to
test for things I can safely add (<MergeFile type="parent"> is a good

That's fine, but it means that once created, the user menu will never
get upgraded to a new DTD. What I'm thinking of doing is checking the
DTD of the 'system' menu (ie /etc/xdg/menus/ and
always preserving that, upgrading the user menu if necessary.

Is that a sensible interpretation?



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