aliases and subclasses files

Jaime Chang jchang at
Thu Mar 24 23:33:11 EET 2005

Hi everybody,

I have started looking at the shared mime package today and I think it's 
a great idea. I have also been using the xdgmime library to extract the 
mime type of a file based on the magic numbers and the extension files. 
However, I noticed in the xdgmime code that it tries to load information 
from files called aliases and subclasses of the mime directory but those 
files don't get created when the shared-mime-info package (ver. 0.15) is 
installed. Are these files not used anymore? I also tried installing 
ver. 0.12 but I got the same result. Please let me know if I am missing 
something really important.

Thanks in advance


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