system and desktop VFS merged

Lars Hallberg spam at
Sun Mar 27 22:17:55 EEST 2005

Sean Middleditch wrote:

>On Sun, 2005-03-27 at 20:11 +0200, Lars Hallberg wrote:
>>Completly different VFS isue
>>Vould it be passeble to export 'extra' capabiliitys for protokol that 
>>suport it? Thinking about ssh, that suport remot execution. For example, 
>>a filbrowser could ask: "run local or remote?" when ju click an 
>>executable in a sshfs folder. That vould provide the *right* solution to 
>>the IDE case to - run make on the server with the sorce!
>Extra capabilities would be possible, yes.  I'm not sure that things
>like remote execution have any business being in a VFS layer, though.
It is a bit off, I admit. But if You establish a ssh session You want to
reuse it. Stuff like not entering the same pasword twice, not repeating
the handchaking over and over again. For stuff like an IDE it is usefull
to be able to find out if ther is remot execution possable or not. It
can guess from the url / path of corse. But why guess when the backend

>>Some CLI access to this, kind of liks fsh, vould be cool. A ssh vfs 
>>backend that simply integrate with fsh maybe :-)
>What is fsh?
It establish a ssh session in the background on the first fsh call, then
reuse it in subsekvent fsh call. It makes the call much faster. Good for
stuff that make allot of calls, like CVS over ssh. Works like a dropin
replacment for ssh. Would like a (g/k)fsh thou, that pop up a pasword
dialog if needed. Curent fsh need ssh to be set up with key auth for
pw-less access afaik :-(

The ssh vfs backend must do something simmilar, from my guess.

I don't know if fsh only can handle one comand at the time or if it do
some fancy fork of remote shell and have some kind of protokoll for
concurent session over one connection. Have only used it in serial sessions.


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