system and desktop VFS merged

Lars Hallberg spam at
Mon Mar 28 01:02:05 EEST 2005

Lars Hallberg wrote:

> If the D-VFS deamon keep track of mountpoints, it can provide that 
> translation anyvay. And any filebrowser that need do the translation 
> just must be D_VFS avere!

Hmm... I shuld think before I post... Mount keep track of mountpoint, so
I don't think we need any help from D_VFS to determing what is mounted
and to translate uri -> path.

But I hope for some nice funktion in the convinies layer of the libs :-)

Whell, then only some stuff in the api to make life decent for thos that
write automounters is needed.

Wher that automounter mount stuff can be left to those that write and
use such automounter.


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