system and desktop VFS merged

Lars Hallberg spam at
Tue Mar 29 02:08:49 EEST 2005

Timo Stuelten wrote:

>>>What is fsh?
>>It establish a ssh session in the background on the first fsh call, then
>>reuse it in subsekvent fsh call. It makes the call much faster. Good for
>>stuff that make allot of calls, like CVS over ssh. Works like a dropin
>>replacment for ssh. 
>Isn't that the same as "ControlMaster" in ssh?
Most likly modern ssh implement this in it self. Have not used fsh for a 
long time, and I'm quite suprised by howe unknown it is. It was too good 
to disapere if it's not been obsolite :-)

Will check out ControlMaster in ssh when I get time.

Thanks /LaH

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