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Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at
Thu Mar 31 23:11:32 EEST 2005

On Thursday 31 March 2005 21:48, Diego Calleja wrote:
> El Wed, 30 Mar 2005 20:24:25 -0800 (PST),
> Rahul Sundaram <rahulsundaram at> escribió:
> > > I already told that. OSs who don't implement
> > > themselves userspace filesytems
> > > will have to live without them.
> >
> > not really acceptable as a freedesktop solution
> It shouldn't be acceptable to tidy the whole system design, either. And I'd
> continue arguing that freedesktop has no bussines in how userspace
> filesystems should be done, since it affects quite more apps than those
> belonging to desktop

While it might be a good idea to have a different layer of the software stack 
handle it, the need for it seems currently only be there for DEs and their 

Once you have introduced functionality and your users really like them, you 
can't remove them just because it would be better be implemented by somebody 

Sure, MIME information should ideally be retrievable directly from the 
filesystem layer, but realistically you need, at least for the moment, some 
workarounds like guessing based on magic codes and file extensions.

As it seems you have a far superior API in mind which both fullfills the needs 
of the currently used VFS implementations _and_ is also applicable to those 
standard file access apps, I am wondering where you have it posted.

Currently only Sean seems to be the only one putting concrete suggestions 

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