Mini-proposal for Elevated User Privileges in menu-spec

C. Gatzemeier c.gatzemeier at
Wed May 18 18:35:11 EEST 2005

> X-KDE-SubstituteUID=true|false, with false as default
> X-KDE-Username=<username>, with root as default
> Would be trivial to add support for a standardized key as well.
> I'm not aware of anyone actually using X-KDE-Username for anything other

Actually I'm using them with accouting apps for example, to keep the data 
separate, accessed with a different user ID.

Even without GUI support for access management, which is on the wishlist, I 
appreciate having the fields editable by hand.

#81208 support right-click "start as..." different user for icons and menues
#81210 kdesu window should offer option (button) to start user management


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