Desktop Entry Specification

Glynn Foster Glynn.Foster at Sun.COM
Wed May 25 10:38:22 EEST 2005


> 	So, when I discussed this with Takao before, I was very surprised that
> the fact that you see some Japanese translations in the ja locale when
> you don't have the language pack installed was considered a problem.
> 	i.e. surely the idea of these language packs is to avoid installing
> unwanted translations, rather than a mechanism to disable Japanese
> messages in the ja locale?
> 	If that's the case, the real bug we're trying to fix here is that when
> you don't have the Japanese language pack installed, some extra disk
> space (and memory/CPU when parsing) is used because the .desktop files
> contain Japanese translations.
> 	That puts the problem in some perspective ... for me, at least.

I think the problem is also from a support point of view. If you have
bits and pieces of the desktop translated it not only creates a bad
impression of a given vendor, but also confusion with the customer
against the support contract of, say, 10 fully supported languages.

It's all or nothing really.


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