Menu-Spec and nested AppDirs

Mark McLoughlin markmc at
Wed May 25 18:30:58 EEST 2005

	My take on this would be that editors shouldn't be editing .desktop
files by making a copy with the same file ID and putting them in
~/.local/share/applications. $XDG_DATA_HOME, AFAICT, is for application
data, not user configuration files.

	To show a concrete problem with doing it this way, if you installed a
vim package in your home directory, you'd expect the package to install
vim.desktop in ~/.local/share/applications, overriding the user's

	So, I think editors should be creating their own directory for
edited .desktop files, say ~/.config/pyxdg-applications and copying
the .desktop files there, but with a different desktop file ID.

	That way you'd have, in ~/.config/menus/



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