Menu-Spec and nested AppDirs

Mark McLoughlin markmc at
Thu May 26 19:05:05 EEST 2005

On Thu, 2005-05-26 at 17:19 +0200, Heinrich Wendel wrote:

> Leave the filename as it is, but put the file in the applications-changed dir 
> and add this AppDir to all edited Menus? This would keep the benefits of the 
> desktop-file-id.

	(What "benefits" are you referring to here, btw?)

	So, my suggestion had two parts and I was probably confusing things by
putting them together:

  1) Use a separate directory for edited .desktop files because if 
     $XDG_DATA_HOME is "/usr/share in your homedir", I think its just 
     as inappropriate to put edited files there as it would be to put 
     them in /usr/share.

     This is really something that should be discussed as "what exactly 
     is $XDG_DATA_HOME for?", rather than just thinking about menu 
     editing, though.

  2) That you give edited files a different desktop file ID so that you 
     no longer have to worry about the order of <AppDir>s in the .menu 
     file when you're implementing a menu editor which 
     modifies .desktop files.

     I think this makes sense for various reasons, but to give one 
     example - consider a .desktop file which is <Include>d in two 
     menus. If a user edits an entry in one menu, she wouldn't also 
     expect it to change in the other menu. (Yes, its a corner case 
     but ....)

     Anyway, its this ".desktop file renaming" part of my suggestion 
     which is really more relevant to the problem you're pointing out.


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