Remove Tango-artists mailinglist from

Vlad C. vladc6 at
Sun Nov 6 21:00:20 PST 2005


The Tango Project (, which is
developing an icon theme very similar to the current
Gnome theme, is attempting to establish itself as the
Free Desktop “standard”.

As of October 26, 2005 the Tango Project mailinglist
is hosted on

On the Tango website, it says: 
“Style guideline matters, artistic workflows and all
other artistic aspects of the Tango project can be
discussed in the Tango-artists mailing list. The
naming spec matters are best discussed on the xdg
mailing list.”

I don't think is the appropriate place
to discuss “style guideline matters, artistic
workflows and all other artistic aspects” since these
are too subjective and will naturally vary between
different desktop environments. I'm afraid that all
other themes -- including KDE 4's Oxygen theme
( -- will be looked
down upon as nonstandard and second-rate. 

Also, the Tango-artists mailinglist isn't essential to
and falls outside of's scope of
providing “interoperability and shared technology for
X Window System desktops”. 

Hosting the Tango-artists mailinglist on is nothing less than an attempt to
impose Gnome's bland aesthetics on all other desktop
environments, so I'd like to ask that it be removed
from the domain name.

Thank you,


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