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Kalle Vahlman kalle.vahlman at
Mon Nov 7 00:56:42 PST 2005

2005/11/7, Vlad C. <vladc6 at>:
> Also, the Tango-artists mailinglist isn't essential to
> and falls outside of's scope of
> providing "interoperability and shared technology for
> X Window System desktops".

I thought common visual style would be a very good way of
interoperating, and those issues revolve around "style guideline
matters, artistic workflows and all other artistic aspects" so
discussing those matters in the context of the tango project is very
much interoperating and thus falls under the freedesktop goals.

You fail to state if you are an active member in any of the projects
that strive to make the desktop consistent for users by following the
standards and specifications found on, but judging
from the offensive comment below, you're not a GNOMEr at least.

> Hosting the Tango-artists mailinglist on
> is nothing less than an attempt to
> impose Gnome's bland aesthetics on all other desktop
> environments, so I'd like to ask that it be removed
> from the domain name.

You try to chase discussion on common goals for graphical design off
from freedesktop as a "matter of taste", but you clearly don't
consider GNOME's visual appearance as one. You have already decided
that it's bland and by the tone of the comment I assume you mean
inferior to for example the Oxygen theme. One might get the feeling
here that instead of really being afraid of undermining of certain
"non-conforming" themes, you might be afraid that *your* precious
theme might be found inferior to a "conforming" one by users, or even
that the Appeal Desktop Project that you referred with the Oxygen url
would loose status or interest. But as you don't state your
affiliation, one can not be sure if these motivations may or may be a
factor here.

The Tango project seems indeed be driven by a mostly GNOME/Gtk+
oriented group, but that is most likely not the goal of the project,
or even desired.

I'm not working on the Tango project, but I felt a need to comment on
your request for equivalence which was immediately followed by a
undermining comment.

Which was your real motivation for this request?

I apologize if this mail offends anyone, but considering the amount of
work that has been done to make GNOME visually pleasing, I consider
the original mail offensive against all the people involved.

Kalle Vahlman, zuh at
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