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On Mon, 7 Nov 2005 23:06:27 +0000 seventh guardian <seventhguardian at>

> The problem here is that some people want an "unified icon theme".
> That's the problem, being it Tango or any other. Tango was (kind of)
> atacked because freedesktop hosts it. As I said, I don't want to take
> part in that discussion, I see no reason for Tango to be hosted on
> freedesktop, but I also don't see a reason why not.

it is indeed a dangerous thing.

> What I'm seeing here is people wanting to make Tango the freedesktop
> official theme, and I'm against that for many reasons. One of them is
> that a theme is not code, it's something subjective and should not be
> made standard. (no, I don't like the "mtv culture" :P ) Freedesktop is
> taking a dangerous path: when everything is standard there's no
> individuality. So let's focus on what is useful to be standard and
> just forget what's not. Look'n'feel shouldn't be standard.


> Let's pose an example: I shouldn't be forced to use a dm with a
> taskbar. What if I don't want one? Yes, there should be a standard for
> how a taskbar works on the API-level, allowing several apps to know
> how to use it. But I should never be forced to use one. In the Windows
> world I'm forced to have one, but that's not linux. I currently don't
> use a taskbar, and I shouldn't be forced to just because "they just
> want to use their apps and get work done".

well i HAVE to, in all fairness, say you're wrong on the windows count. simply
download and install litestep, bb4win, not to mention a dozen othe3r desktop
shell replacement programas and it will no longer force a taskbar on you. just
liek you can download/install gnome or kde or blackbox or icewm or... (you get
the drift). :) so in all fairness windows doesnt force you - in the same way
linux doesnt force yuou. admittedly standard out-of-the-box windows (of which
there is only 1 variety) does impose it on you - but then again so do gnmoe and
kde for example "out of the box" :)

but you have a point that DEVELOPERS should not havesome "official theme"
hoisted on them as the "you MUST use this icon theme or face the wrath of being
declared "non standard" and shunned from the community for not pulling the
party line".

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