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Vlad C. vladc6 at
Mon Nov 7 19:18:19 PST 2005

--- Martin Konold <martin.konold at> wrote:
> If only the Tango project would limit itself to
> calling "we are a sample 
> implementation building upon a fdo standard" instead
> of giving the impression 
> that Tango is standardizing both the common look and
> the naming spec of 
> desktop themes.

In view of recent comments, I would like to take back
my suggestion. 

I now realize that as long as purely aesthetic
guidelines (ie. color pallet, lighting, perspective,
etc) are not included in any specification formally
endorsed by fd.o, it wouldn't hurt to host the Tango
mailinglist on fd.o. In fact, there might be a real
advantage to having a functional sample implementation
that other theme developers can use as a template.

Thanks for the insightful responses, and I apologize
for bringing up this rather divisive topic.


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