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Mon Nov 7 21:42:44 PST 2005

Am Dienstag, 8. November 2005 00:54 schrieb Daniel Stone:
> Yes, I have, and what I see is people wanting to host the
> icon-naming-spec on fd.o (which has no formal power to convey
> 'standardisation', as it were), and some people who are unable to
> disconnect the work the Tango project has done with i-n-s, and the
> reference icon theme it has produced.

That's the whole point. As Rodney Dawes already pointed out:

"The Icon Name Specification is related to the Tango project. The purpose
of the Tango project is not only the icon theme. The purpose is to work
towards unifying the visual aspects of all the desktops. "

So as long as Tango tries to be _more_ than an example for the 
icon-naming-spec (which might be a good thing to have) I'd rather like to see 
Tango removed from
The reason is that currently Tango's marketing dept. is trying hard to give 
the impression that all major desktop environments support Tango as a _whole_ 
(including icontheme, color palette and default style).
All major desktop environments support the icon naming scheme. No doubt about 
that and that's certainly a good thing. I think that it would even be a good 
thing to create common metaphors for all actions.

But judging from the recent discussion it seems that the following parties do 
_not_ seem to support Tango as a default icontheme and a default style / 
color palette:

XFCE, Enlightenment and KDE

I think Rasterman is not the only one here who rather sees Tango's intentions 
to have harmful implications. If you don't understand why read e.g.:

If Tango abandons it's aim of imposing one common style, palette and icontheme 
on all the desktops and if it stops to promote itself as a standard icontheme 
then I have no problem with keeping it on as a reference 
_example_ for the icon naming specification (This needs to be communicated 
_clearly_ though). But as long as this does not happen I'd like to see it 
moved elsewhere.

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