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Mon Nov 7 21:55:05 PST 2005

Am Dienstag, 8. November 2005 04:18 schrieb Vlad C.:
> I now realize that as long as purely aesthetic
> guidelines (ie. color pallet, lighting, perspective,
> etc) are not included in any specification formally
> endorsed by fd.o, it wouldn't hurt to host the Tango
> mailinglist on fd.o. In fact, there might be a real
> advantage to having a functional sample implementation
> that other theme developers can use as a template.

Right, but then Tango and need to clearly communicate:

* which parts of Tango's "standards" are accepted standards by 
(i.e. "just the i.c.n.") 
* which parts of Tango's "standards" are accepted standards by the different 
plattforms.  (i.e. "just the i.c.n.") 

Currently this is not the case and serves rather misleading and confusing to 
the public perception of the project and its acceptance.

As long as this situation is not improved I don't see a reason to end this 

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