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Tue Nov 8 00:01:59 PST 2005

Am Dienstag, 8. November 2005 07:23 schrieb Jonathan Blandford:
> 2) Building off that, if ISVs are going to use the icon spec at all, we
> need to give them a target.  Asking them to target all known themes is
> totally unreasonable; asking them to choose a style for their default
> icons is also untenable.  I would totally expect them to throw their
> hands up in disgust, as there's nothing valid they can do here.  The
> tango project, at least, seems to be trying to solve this (very hard)
> problem.

Those "ISV"s you are mentioning never focus on Linux only, so a large amount 
of them is crossplattform applications.
If you look at crossplattform applications you might realize that many of 
those use their _very own_ icontheme. They don't do this for the _lack_ of 
icons but to:

- promote their very own visual identity.
- to have a consistent look of the dialogs for their documentation (so that 
you don't need to add a screenshot for each OS to your docs). 
- make the application look trendy. uniformity was a thing of the 90ies. 
diversity is a thing of the current decade.

Think about it: 
On the Windows plattform the Tango icon theme will look alien. Instead of 
looking alien the ISV will prefer trying to give the application a distinct 
look which will promote its own visual identity.
So trying to appeal to ISV's is doesn't make sense here.

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